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Hugh Mackinnon
An exhibition of paintings.

Private View: Thursday 14 May 2009, 6 – 8pm 
Exhibition dates: 8 May – 7 July 2009

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@ The Street Gallery, University College Hospital, 235 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BU
RSVP:, 0845 1555 000 Ext: 5451

Gauchers, Addenbrookes, Mackinnon…

There are many like myself who suffer from a disease requiring great skill in terms of medical understanding and intervention… for which therapies have only recently become available as a result of huge progression in the understandings of cellular biology and chemistry… and which, from the point of view of the recipient, are almost miraculous. 

My twin brother Jake and I knew from about the age of 20 that we had Gaucher Disease, the symptoms were mild and then seeming of little consequence. When about 40 I suffered bone crisis in both shoulders, the right in particular and through a search on the Internet I discovered Professor Cox at Addenbrookes. My local GP referred me to the Gaucher clinic and as a result I was placed on enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). Later my brother Jake, who seemed less affected, was also given the ERT… sadly he later died at 58 from unrelated causes.

It takes huge levels of dedication and commitment on the part of all the professionals to organise and maintain these services and as a family we are enormously appreciative of the part that the National Health Service plays and in particular the Lysosomal team at Addenbrookes. The Gauchers Association produces informative literature together with a magazine. It also provides support for many who are in difficulty having been diagnosed as Gaucher sufferers. To these organisations our families are eternally grateful…

After this show we are donating the large circus interior work to Addenbrookes Hospital as an appreciation of their work.

Blake Mackinnon

“Though tackling an apparently wide range of themes - figure studies, architectural views and interiors among them - Hugh Mackinnon’s real pre-occupation, in a career going back to the late 1940’s when he showed with Victor Pasmore and at Gimpils, has always been with the more abstract pictorial concerns - tensions, of colour and dimension, surface and depth...”

Nicholas Usherwood - Galleries Magazine

Hugh's paintings have influenced and intrigued me all my life. They form an important back-drop to my own career as a painter. Hugh and my Grandmother Betty's influence, both as people and artists, has been immeasurable. I still correspond with my grandfather on a regular basis, often sending him images of my work to react and respond to.

Paintings such as the large circus interior, Portrait of the Artist as High Flyer and Interior of Teesdale Road (With Betty) remain particularly close to me. The unreal, dreamlike quality and the stillness which pervades them come from Hugh's unique and very atmospheric handling of space and light. Both works are solidified by the dramatic geometry of the composition. The viewer can really ‘inhabit’ these spaces even though there is a strong element of abstraction present. My interests as a painter similarly deal with architectural space and interiors. People often remark on Hugh's undeniable mark upon my work, which I feel very proud of.

It is a pleasure to be involved in this exhibition, showing so many of Hugh's paintings in the public space of an hospital environment. It was important to include one of Betty's works, Cup with Long Shadow, as a tribute to her talent as an artist and acknowledgement of her love and kindness. She sadly passed away last year and I know Hugh would be pleased she is alongside him in the show.

James Mackinnon - Hugh's grandson


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