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“Curiouser and Curiouser”


A selling exhibition of ceramics by Vera Friere. Based on her interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland.

"To steal from Andre Breton’s lexicon, her work has a 'marvelous' quality about it that is simply uplifting and life re-affirming. Her ceramics have an inspirational quality that stems from a creative union of the conscious and the unconscious".

Sunday 19th October until Sunday 3 November 2008
Monday ~ Saturday 10.30am ~ 5pm, Sunday noon ~ 5pm, at

The Garden Suburb Gallery, Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 6YD

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or call 020 7275 0383 for further information.

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Vera is a 34 year old Portuguese ceramicists working and living in North London. Her work is intimately bound up with her spiritual perception of the world. Everything in Vera's world influenced by tensions between good and evil which determine her mood and her fortune. There are two levels of positive influence: revealed gods or invisible gods. from time to time animals, vegetation and human beings are influenced by either, or alternatively by Cumbaya an evil spirit.

Luckily, in times of trouble Vera's visible and invisible gods come to her aid and Cumbaya's wicked ambitions are thwarted. All animals, humans and other living things are potential for Vera's interpretation and her work is held in numerous private collections.

Vera has Asperger Syndrome and is the ceramic tutor at the Hoffman Foundation for Autism's day centre in Wood Green. Vera's ceramics are formally unique and display the humour and vivacity of their creator.